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Phosphatidic Acid


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mTOR or the human tested, clinically proven trademark, “MEDIATOR” has been shown to be a key regulator for muscle mass in the human body. In Layman’s terms, the best way to describe the process is to think of your dream physique as a house you are trying to build. You will need all your materials: lumber, concrete, electrical, plumbing, etc. You will need the knowledge, but all the knowledge and limitless materials are nothing without a skilled labor force. 

This is where MEDIATOR® comes in. Think of MEDIATOR® as the highly skilled labor force here to turn the materials into the home of your dreams. Everyone’s body has phosphatidic acid, however, often times we don’t have the necessary amount needed to get the game changing results we are working for. Double blind studies have shown that test subjects gained muscle while losing fat vs those who where just given a placebo. Incorporate MEDIATOR® today into your stack; with a regime of clean eating and regular training, to finally achieve that physique you’ve been working for.*